Tobago - One of the Premiere Honeymoon Destinations

The Caribbean is one of the prime honeymoon destinations. Furthermore, among the Caribbean’s best honeymoon destinations is a tiny island in the southern Caribbean.

That tiny island in the southern Caribbean is called Tobago! There are many fun things to do in Tobago that will enhance your honeymoon experience!

See for yourself in the video below!

The abundance of activities for you to indulge yourself in is really astronomical.

For example, a visit to Bucco Reef to observe an underworld wonder that is unmatched by anything else.

Or enjoy the Argyle Waterfall or a guided tour through the tropical rain forest which is the oldest protected rain forest in the western hemisphere.

Or just drive around the island to enjoy the picturesque landscape which is always bordered by the beautiful ocean as you drive around the island.

On the southern and eastern side of the island is the Atlantic Ocean and on the western and northern side of the island is the Caribbean Sea.

Then visit the national parks all of which have their own unique appeal from hilltop parks overlooking beautiful sea views to beach parks right on the beach.

You can rent a car and drive yourself or you can opt for a guided tour to help you explore and experience the island with a professional.

As a compliment to the stunning beauty of the scenery is the friendliness of the people and the rich culture of the island.

Then there is Carnival. This is the ultimate street parade. This is all sorts of street parades on Carnival Monday and Tuesday with beautiful mas.

Then enjoy the culture of the people and the food.

With all the beautiful natural imagery, and the warm and winning way of the people, good food and music, and active night life your honeymoon is sure to be unforgettable.

The people make you feel like family.

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