Construction in Tobago

Construction in Tobago Leaves Much to Be Desired

Tobago has been burnt in recent years in the construction industry.

The government has been the chief dispenser of most major construction contracts.

The main reason for the debacle of construction in Tobago is that the government has been trying to make construction companies and small contractors of people who were skilled in some areas on the construction field.

However, although they know some construction work, they lacked basic knowledge about running a construction company.

With limited knowledge of construction cost, construction estimating and bidding, their failure to deliver, as painful as it was, really was not surprising.

As a result there has been major cost overruns and incomplete projects throughout the island.

For example, there are houses that have taken over 3 years to build and some are still incomplete.

Unfinished Projects

Some of the offending and unfinished projects include:

  • The Public Library (has been finished after many years)
  • The Sports Complex (has been finished after many years)
  • Single Family Houses Hroughout the Island: Roxborough, Hope and Elsewhere
  • The Cove Project

Labor is one of the major costs in the construction industry. When a construction contract takes longer than schedule, labor is usually the chief cause of cost overruns.

This has been one of the blights of the construction industry in Tobago.

A successful construction company has more than just the technical building skills.

It efficiently manages all the different skill sets and trades in the industry and delivers in a timely manner a quality finished product in a cost effective manner.

However, there is hope for construction in Tobago.

There is one construction company in Tobago that is not part of the problem but offers itself as the solution.

Shamrock T&T Ltd is available to rectify most of the problems.


It’s personnel are trained professionals in every aspect of the industry and its CEO holds a General Contractor License in the State of Florida which is one of the most difficult certification states in the USA.

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