Tobago Car Rentals & For Hire Vehicles

As a Tourist or visitor to Tobago, your transportation needs can be met by two (2) transportation options.

First option is Tobago car rentals

Rent a car and drive yourself. This may be the cheapest. However, for some, this can pose a little problem.

Since Trinidad and Tobago were lastly British colonies before gaining independence in 1962, they have adopted most of the practices of the British.

One such practice is driving on the left side of the road.

This is only important to those visitors primarily from the USA and Europe (except England) who are used to driving on the right side.

Therefore, if they would like to rent a car and drive themselves, driving on the “other side” could feel a little unnatural.

Second option is For Hire Vehicles

The other option to Tobago car rentals is to hire vehicle and driver.

You will be driven by a professional who knows the favorite sites, the history, the culture of the island and usually can tell interesting stories and folklore passed down through generations.

The choices of for hire services are taxies, maxi taxies and buses. They provide the full range of services from visiting particular sites to full island tours.

Island activities

Our island tours can provide guided and informed tours throughout the island.

Using a tour guide or professional driver exposes one to all the idiosyncrasies and the distinct characteristic of the people, places and culture of the island.

If you prefer particular activities, there is a multiplicity of activities to choose from.

They can range from

  • water sports which include snorkeling, fishing, deep sea diving, visiting the Bucco Reef to bathing in Nylon Pool - a shallow ground which provides a perfect beach like bathing area in the middle of the ocean.

  • enjoying the Rainforest which has the distinction of being the oldest protected rainforest in the world, hiking, and visiting the Argyle Waterfall

  • or just visiting other beautiful sights like Flagstaff , a breathtakingly beautiful hillside park perched on the mountain overlooking the villages of Speyside and Charlotteville, which has the most majestic view of the sea as it washes and bathes the small islands in it to provide a picture which words are inadequate to describe but provides the stuff from which memories are made.

  • Little Tobago, Fort king George, Fort Bennett or Fort Granby.

  • At night, you may want to visit some of the local night spots and enjoy the rhythmic sounds of the local music, the Soca, which is a derivative of Soul and Calypso, or you may opt for a more classy diner with piano music or live performances.

    Whatever is your fancy, the choices are many.

    Using local professionals will certainly enhance your experience.

Below are prices for Tobago car rentals and for hire vehicles

Tobago car rentals : start at $50.00 US /day and you drive yourself.
For hire vehicle and driver

Taxies (4 people): hire for $30 per hr US$ (3hr minimum)

Maxi Taxies (6 people): hire for $40 US$ per hr (3hr minimum)

For hire vehicle and driver

Buses (14 seater): hire for $55 US$ per hr (3 hr minimum)

Buses (20 seater): hire for $70 US$ per hr (3 hr minimum)

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