Tobago House Rentals

Tobago house Rentals is the primary way one can enjoy a cheap holiday in Tobago.

Although the island has many world class hotels, renting vacation homes and apartments provide a cheap alternative.

Vacation rentals can range from 1 room apartments, to 3 and 4 bedroom houses and villas.

Tobago is a tourist resort primarily because of its unspoilt natural beauty.

It has not been hit by industrialization and the pollution, blight and ecological damage that heavy industries can do to the environment.

Although its larger sister, Trinidad, is hugely industrialized, Tobago has remained a veritable Garden of Eden for its virgin nature which is seemingly untouched by modern civilization.

But don’t be fooled. Tobago enjoys all the modern conveniences of modern technology and the standard of living is very high.

Yet the natural and unadulterated beauty of the landscape is inescapable and the calm joy of the people unmistakable.

Tobago House Rentals Prices

Tobago house Rentals price ranges are illustrated below.

1 Bedroom
  • US$60 /night
  • US$350 / week
  • US$1500 /month

2 Bedrooms
  • US$100 /night
  • US$ 600 /week
  • US$ 2000 /month

3 Bedrooms
  • US$150 /night
  • US$ 900 /week
  • US$ 3500 /month

2 and 3 bedroom apartments or houses come with kitchen and living rooms or sitting rooms.

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