Tobago Sports

Tobago is deluged with sporting activities. Most of Tobago Sports and Events are listed on


Tobago Events Calender and

the Golf Calender .

However, there are many other sporting events, most of which have a decidedly international flavor.

One of these is the Rainbow Triathlon Cup.

Tobago- Rainbow Triathlon Cup

The Rainbow Triathlon Cup began in 2005 . It is hailed as the “biggest and best” triathlon event in the English-speaking region and attracts many international competitors.

The Toyota Rainbow Cup International Triathlon is usually held at Grafton Beach, Tobago.

The event philanthropic effort goes a long way.

Their goal is to raises a million dollars when the event is staged each year.

Other Tobago Sports

Other activities in Tobago with an international flavor include the following:

  • Beacon World Cycling Series

  • Tobago Cycling Classic

  • Angostura Sailing Regatta

  • Tobago scuba diving

  • Tobago Game Fishing Tournament

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